The wine

The wine

O’gnostro is a local term for wine in the Neapolitan dialect and literally means “ink”.

The concept at the heart of my O’gnostro is the quest to bottle the uniqueness of a “terroir”.

I began with a single vineyard of Aglianico grapes in the countryside near to Montemarano (AV), in the heart of the Taurasi denomination, adhering to a couple of basic concepts:

First, I look to achieve the right yield per plant in order to produce perfectly ripe grapes. This is particularly important in this area, where we pick the grapes as late as November.

Second, in order to preserve the intrinsic flavour of the grape varietal in any given vintage, I use spontaneous fermentation during vinification. For this process, as well as for the period of aging, the use of neutral containers such as clay amphorae or (more recently) high- density polyethylene (HDPE) tubs, prevents any influence on the wine and the terroir.

At times, if required during the bottling phase, I may also add a minimal quantity of SO2 (as shown on the label).

In essence, from picking the grapes right through to bottling, I am looking to preserve all the characteristics of the specific Aglianico vineyard.

I think everyone should enjoy wine the way he likes. The only advice I would give is to drink the wine at the right temperature – ie, 16-20C – to savour all that the wine exhibits on the nose and the palate.