The vintages

The vintages


First year of production, very favourable climate throughout the whole year, particularly during fall, with sun virtually every day for 3 subsequent months, until the harvesting of 3rd November.


Not produced.


Warm amd rainy vintage, especially during Sep-Oct, which made necessary a strong selection of grapes during the whole fall season. By reducing the yield, we obtained a very ripe fruit, which is reflected in an opulent wine, luckily well balanced by the acidity typical of the Aglianico, which was harvested on 31st October.


Mild temperature and little rain led to a more regular vintage, reflected in a fresh and elegant vintage. Harvesting took place on November 5th.


Very peculiar vintage, with the alternation of heavy rine and warm sunny days. This led to a massive drop in yields, resulting in a very concentrated fruit, with high level of sugar. Consequently the wine has 15% alcohol and a bit of residual sugar, which is unusual for a dry wine. Harvesting on Oct, 29th.


Very regular vintage with nice summer and a mild fall. Perfectly ripe grapes were harvested on November 6th.


Extremely tough vintage with abundant rains, especially during the end of the season. This made us wait for the haversting until November 8th.


This vintage was characterized by heavy rains during the summer, which –de facto- never materialized. Luckily enough this was followed by an incredibly warm fall, with minimal rain, which allowed the grapes to be ripe for the picking on 1st November. What was particularly striking to me is that the leaves started to become red in mid-October!


Very warm vintage, with little rain (no rain for 3 subsequent month in Jul-Sep) followed by a rainy October, which led us to harvest on 27th October


Last vintage vinified in Sicily. This, added to the rainy season, led me to derate the wine and pick a name to remember the end of the first decade spend in Sicily (Last trip to Sicily).


This was a special vintage for me, as I had the chance to work with the Master of Barolo, my Mentor Mario Fontana (from Cascina Fontana winery). I learned how to obtain more elegance from a grape with such storng tannins and structure like the Aglianico. The vintage was very warm, resulting in a wine that has 15,5% alcohol, but yet elegant and well balanced by the typical high acidity of Aglianico.


Another important vintage, as it marks the beginning of the new era, with the wines finally vinified at our own premises, in Milan. The vintage was fresh and rainy, resulting in a very fresh  version of Ognostro (14,1% alcohol). During this vintage we also started the vinification of Ognostro white.


Definitely a nice vintage with a lot of energy. we finished harvesting on Nov 14th and the wine is currently resting in bottle, ready to be shipped in 2022.